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Building a competitive and future-oriented Europe

Our Working Group for Budget and Structural Policies is working towards a more competitive and future-oriented budget for Europe, promoting the effective and efficient use of taxpayers' money to achieve the best results for EU funds.

It is important that the EU budget prioritises supporting young people, disadvantaged groups, and households dealing with current challenges, such as high inflation and increased energy costs. We are committed to improving the standard of living for all Europeans and providing EU financial assistance for Ukraine and humanitarian aid to other parts of the world in need.

The EPP Group has successfully advocated for simpler financial and administrative rules to alleviate the burden on farmers, SMEs, local and regional authorities, and all other beneficiaries of EU financing.

We are consistently working towards an ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable green deal that does not create an excessive burden for farmers, fishermen, forest owners, and SMEs and is fair for our rural areas and remote regions. Thanks to a change in rules, European farmers will have easier access to EU financing. Our MEPs supported measures to stop honey adulteration, and we backed a framework of rules to enable sustainable fishing in the North Sea.

Our position

Budgetary discipline is essential for a stable economy

A sound public finance system is necessary to maintain a Social Market Economy. If Europe wants to sustain its social protection levels, we must prioritize fiscal consolidation. Reducing unnecessary public spending is essential to encourage economic growth and investments. The shortcuts suggested by left-wing political groups can pose a risk to our economy and lead to longer and deeper recessions. We owe it to young people and future generations to free them from the burdens of past debts.

The EU Budget represents less than 1% of Europe's GDP for 500 million inhabitants. The EU Budget should be flexible, so Europe is able to finance its policies.

Supporting farmers and ensuring food security

The EPP Group places food security and the long-term resilience of EU agriculture as top priorities, and our members in the committee of agriculture and rural development are working towards a fair green deal that is both ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable.

We are fighting for a stronger EU agricultural policy with adequate funding and new sustainable and efficient methods to safeguard local food production in Europe’s family farms. We also support young farmers to ensure the future of European food production. With the turbulence and uncertainty brought by the war Russia started in Ukraine, building resilience for our food production is crucial for the whole food chain.

In addition to legislative work, the committee also monitors the implementation of the CAP and other issues in close cooperation with the Commission, Council, and other EU institutions and stakeholders.