Economic and Monetary Affairs

Stimulating growth to increase jobs

At a high level, the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee aims to promote financial stability and investment, encourage the free flow of capital across the European Union, and stimulate growth, thereby increasing jobs. The committee advocates for a free and responsible financial market that operates within a clear legal framework, supporting European businesses and citizens.

We have successfully advocated for greater fiscal discipline in Europe to prevent public debt from spinning out of control. Additionally, we have been the driving force behind reforms aimed at increasing competitiveness and providing a firm response to economic challenges during crisis situations.

In light of past economic and financial crises, the EPP Group has pushed for the creation of new European control bodies to supervise banks, financial markets, pension funds, and insurance companies. We have also been the driving force behind the establishment of a new European regulatory framework for crypto-assets that provides legal certainty for issuers, guarantees equal rights for service providers, and ensures high standards for consumers and investors. Going forward, we need to ensure that legislation on banking reform, financial crime, and promoting investment is properly implemented, and that we continue to make progress toward a true single market for financial services.

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