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Money for energy infrastructure must follow the Green Deal

The EPP Group wants to change the criteria for the funding of European energy infrastructure...

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We reject any budget that does not fulfil expectations

Ahead of the special meeting of the European Council on 20 February 2020, the EPP Group expresses...

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EU spending must be fair and transparent

The EPP Group says the distribution of EU funds must be fair and transparent. MEPs from the Committee on Budgetary...

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Energy funding must be in line with climate targets

The EPP Group says future energy projects should be more in line with climate targets. The Industry...

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EU Budget battle, Poland standoff, Vietnam trade

The European Parliament debated the EU´s next long-term budget plan, with EPP Group MEPs warning EU...

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Hearing on the European Forest Strategy

This EPP Group hearing will address the beneficial role of well-managed and growing forests for economies (panel I),...

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