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MEPs to debate Chinese interference in Hong Kong

As the fate of Hong Kong’s democracy is at a crossroads, the EPP Group strongly denounces the...

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Make Europe medically independent

The EPP Group wants to bring back part of the production of medicines to Europe to make it medically independent from third...

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Solidarity back at the heart of Europe

The EPP Group today warmly welcomed the budget and recovery proposals presented by Commission President von der Leyen in...

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EU Recovery Plan: Solidarity is back

 The EU’s proposed €750 billion Recovery Plan will help jump-start Europe’s economy after the pandemic...

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No agreement with UK without fisheries agreement

The EPP Group demands a new fishing agreement with the UK or it will reject a post-Brexit trade accord. The...

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Gradually re-open the borders in the Schengen area

The Schengen Area has never before faced such a serious pandemic on its territory. Understandably,...

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Graphene nano structure sheet in the laboratory at atomic scale

Scale up research for the future of Europe

The European Commission’s proposal to add €10 billion for the research programme Horizon Europe to reach...

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