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Embarrassing loss for Commission in Amazon case

"Today’s decision by the European Court of Justice is an embarrassment for the Commission and a major blow t...

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Cancer patients have the right to be forgotten

The EPP Group wants cancer patients to have the right to be forgotten. "Europe must end the obstacles for...

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Life after cancer: How can being forgotten be a good thing?

Cancer survivorship as seen by insurance companies and other financial providers to date...

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It’s time to strengthen EU health systems

EU health systems need an overhaul to better prepare for another pandemic. That’s according to EPP Group MEP C...

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Reducing the stigma towards women in farming

Rural women should be supported to keep farming communities alive. That is the view of EPP Group MEP and farmer...

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Woman wearing a protection mask

How can we get more vaccines to India and Africa?

Following US President Joe Biden's announcement that the US supports lifting vaccine patents, the...

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Refugees Land On Lampedusa Island

Is a new migration crisis coming this summer?

The dramatically increasing number of migrant arrivals in Lampedusa in recent days highlights the...

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