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We need legal certainty for EU-US data transfers

The European Court of Justice ruled today that certain data transfers from the EU to the US are illegal...

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EU Member States must end the deadlock on tax dumping

“It is high time for the European Commission to make use of all options provided in the...

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EU must vigorously defend Cyprus and Greece against Turkish aggression

The EPP Group says Europe must respond if Turkey continues to violate...

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Put the boxing gloves on when trade is at stake

The EPP Group says new tools will protect EU interests in future trade disputes. Parliament’s trade...

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Nurses nominated for European Citizen’s Prize

The EPP Group is nominating nurses for this year’s European Citizen’s Prize. The accolade, which...

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Possible agreement on the €1.85 trillion Recovery Plan

Next week on Friday and Saturday, the European Council will try to reach a deal on the €1...

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Make Europe medically sovereign

On Tuesday, MEPs from the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety will take a decision on a plan on how to...

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