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Malta deserves a government that doesn't lie

"Malta deserves a government that doesn’t lie. The EU is a union of values which we must defend....

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Consumers can make a better choice of tyres in the future

“Updating the tyre label is important as it allows consumers to make informed choices...

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EPP Group supports ambitious and smart climate policy

"Fake debate about 'emergency' is a smoke screen" The European Parliament will...

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Parliament sends rule of law fact-finding mission to Malta

Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in a car bomb attack in...

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New Commission, Climate Change, Sakharov Prize

The European Parliament gave its thumbs up to the new European Commission, with EPP Group Chairman Manfred...

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World glove on The field

Green Deal: we want a united effort from Europe

Next Wednesday, the European Commission will present a 'European Green Deal'. The EPP Group fully...

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glass globe in hand

EPP Group Delegation to attend UN climate summit in Madrid

With Europe leading the fight against climate change in the world, the EPP Group in the...

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