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Europe must stand up against trade bullies

"The EU's openness is our greatest source of prosperity. But we cannot allow this openness to be used to blackmail...

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EPP Group makes young generation a top priority for Europe

This evening, negotiators from the European Parliament and the EU Member States reached an...

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Better conditions for animals in transport

The EPP Group demands better conditions and control for live animal transport. “The work of the Protection of A...

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Upcoming press conferences

03.12.2021 - 10:00 › 10:30

European Parliament Anna Politkovskaya Room PHS 0A50


The week ahead

Hands holding cancer ribbon, with caption Hope

Parliament proposes new measures to beat cancer

Every year, 1.3 million people in the EU die of cancer and 2.7 million are diagnosed with it. On Thursday 9...

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Poster on event on Therapeutics

COVID-19 Therapeutics - game changers for Europe’s recovery?

On Wednesday, at a new EPP Group flagship event on COVID-19 Therapeutics, Members of...

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COVID-19 Therapeutics - Game changers for Europe’s recovery?

When the World Health Organization declared a COVID-19 global pandemic in March 2020,...

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