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Turkish manoeuvres in Cyprus' EEZ are illegal

The EPP Group has discussed Turkish illegal actions in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) which...

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Invitation Press Briefing

Invitation to a briefing on the letter and spirit of Article 17 of the Lisbon Treaty and the lead (Spitzen) candidate process, with Elmar...

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EPP Group statement on the situation in Moldova

We, the EPP Group in the European Parliament, are extremely concerned by the latest developments in Moldova...

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EPP Group, strongest in Parliament, picks leaders for new term

In its first meeting since the European elections, the EPP Group unanimously re...

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Boosting funding for Erasmus+ and free Interrail for youth

The EPP Group has been a major force behind expanding the Erasmus+ program to include more...

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Work-life balance: get men sharing in the caring

Closing the gender gap in pay and treatment as employees is an important priority for the EPP Group in...

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San Sebastian

EPP Group to discuss its priorities for 2019-2024 in Spain

New EPP Group Members will meet next week (11-14 June) in San Sebastián together with...

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