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Jobs, jobs, jobs. It's all about quality jobs

“It is our job to protect jobs but it is also our duty to create new ones. We cannot lose sight of this. We n...

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Money for media and artists to recover from COVID-19

“Losses of €10 billion, performers and artists working as postmen or drivers: this is the 2020 rea...

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Interreg will continue to strengthen border regions

Cross-border cooperation is about to become easier. Negotiators of the European Parliament and EU...

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It’s time to strengthen EU health systems

EU health systems need an overhaul to better prepare for another pandemic. That’s according to EPP Group MEP C...

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Reducing the stigma towards women in farming

Rural women should be supported to keep farming communities alive. That is the view of EPP Group MEP and farmer...

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Rule of law

Existing rule of law procedures do not work

On Monday, MEPs from the Civil Liberties Committee, the German Council Presidency, the...

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Andrej Babis_0 [nid:107106]

Conflict of interest of Czech Prime Minister Babiš

Amidst continuing news about Czech public contracts and subsidies going to Agrofert, of which Czech...

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