Legal Affairs

Protecting European law and citizens' rights

The committee has various responsibilities, including the Statute for Members and Staff Regulations, which deals with privileges and immunities, verifies Members' credentials, and more. Additionally, the committee takes measures to promote judicial and administrative cooperation in civil matters, tackles environmental liability and sanctions against environmental crime, and safeguards the European Parliament's rights and prerogatives from a legal standpoint.

The committee is committed to ensuring that European businesses are not overburdened with red tape when it comes to due diligence and corporate non-financial reporting obligations. As for regulating Artificial Intelligence, its primary objective is to ensure a human- centred approach and carefully examine liability issues.

The committee focuses on citizens, families, and businesses in matters of private international laws concerning matrimonial matters, parental responsibility and custody rights (including child abduction), and small claims procedures.

It also helps Parliament form an opinion on technical issues around legislation and defends Parliament's interests in court.

In summary, the committee is dedicated to protecting European law, promoting business and technological innovation, and safeguarding the interests and rights of European citizens.

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