The world is in a phase of deep change: digitalisation, globalisation, migration, demographic development, new security challenges. Those changes have impacted Europe as well, to the point that the very European project is being challenged both from without and from within. The bar by which the European Union will be measured will be its ability to meet those challenges and improve people's daily lives. We have made extraordinary progress on issues that matter to Europeans: securing our borders, fighting terrorism, boosting investment and job creation. But we need to remain ambitious – and we will.

A fair deal for Europe

The European way of life faces new challenges: competition based on low social and environmental standards in third countries, evolutions in the way we work brought about by digital developments, tax dodging practices. The Social Market Economy is still the best placed to respond to these.

news 13.06.2018

Tax transparency: Member States need to end stalemate

"The EPP Group wants multinational companies to disclose profit shifting to low-tax countries....

news 19.04.2018

Tough rules against terror money and tax evasion

New money laundering rules also apply to virtual currencies "Shady money transactions will become...

news 21.03.2018

EPP Group wants to tax digital business where the user is

Commission initiative comes one week after Parliament's proposal to tax tech...

Affordable energy and the fight against climate change

Europe has played a leading role in the fight against climate change. We must not lose momentum. We need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring the competitiveness of our companies and invest in renewable energy sources.

news 23.01.2020

Do not confuse the Central Bank with the Environment Agency

EPP Group Members in the Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs warn...

video 16.01.2020

Green Deal, Middle East tensions, rethinking the EU

At its latest plenary session, the European Parliament approved a resolution on the Green Deal. EPP...

video 15.01.2020

A Green Deal to help, not force, Europeans reach carbon neutrality

The European Parliament has approved the Green Deal, with the EPP Group...

EU defence

With the emergence of hybrid warfare, cyber attacks, new forms of terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, Europe is facing its biggest threat since the Cold War. Europe needs to grow up and stop counting on the US for its own security.

news 18.04.2019

Victory for EU's defence despite ideological opposition

“We have won the battle to secure a common and strong European Defence Fund for the future...

video 03.04.2019

Making Europe’s defence stronger, more cost-effective

In an unstable world, Europe is defending its citizens by building stronger military...

photo 08.03.2019

Bureau Meeting in Warsaw

Ursula von der Leyen MP, German Minister of Defence

Free and fair trade

1 in 7 EU jobs depends on trade with the outside world. We are strongly committed to an open, multilateral system of free and fair trade, to alleviate poverty and create opportunities for Europeans.

video 06.07.2020

Put the boxing gloves on when trade is at stake

The EPP Group says new tools will protect EU interests in future trade disputes. Parliament’s trade...

video 21.01.2020

EU-Vietnam Trade Deal gets green light from Committee

The International Trade Committee has given its backing to the EU-Vietnam Trade and Investment...

video 30.09.2019

EP Hearings: Phil Hogan a good fit as EU Trade Commissioner

Phil Hogan was impressive in a European Parliament hearing in which he dealt with a series...

Helping small business to thrive

SMEs drive our economy, creating jobs and bringing new products and services to market. We want to ensure EU legislation does not put obstacles in their way and that they get the financing they need to 'start up' and scale up.

news 12.05.2020

We must save Europe’s summer

The EPP Group in the European Parliament is calling for unified European health checks and sanitary protocols for travelling and...

news 14.03.2019

2020 EU Budget priorities: a prosperous and secure Europe

“The EPP Group wants a prosperous and secure Europe. With this goal in mind, our...

news 22.01.2019

EPP Group wants €6.5 billion for SMEs and Single Market

For the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027, MEPs want €6.5 billion allocated through the...


Europe must again become a leader in innovation, and in the digital revolution that is already transforming our industries and our households. But the European model of innovation must be about people making ideas work for people. It must be based on values, not algorithms or authoritarian decree.

video 30.09.2019

EP Commissioner Hearings: Strong performance by Mariya Gabriel

Mariya Gabriel put in a strong performance at a European Parliament hearing testing...

video 07.05.2019

Driving innovation through the digital revolution

EPP Group MEPs are helping drive innovation in Europe by boosting funding for Horizon Europe and...

Investment for more jobs

Our efforts to fight the economic crisis through sound public finances and structural reforms have worked. Now we need to invest in the job creation, removing obstacles to the Single Market, reforming banks and ensuring a stable euro.

news 18.04.2019

InvestEU: €700bn to boost jobs and competitiveness in Europe

The European Parliament approved the new investment initiative InvestEU today...

video 11.04.2019

EU Investment and Europass empowering job creation

The EPP Group has been a major force behind the billions in the European Union’s financial backing...

photo 08.02.2019

EPP Group Bureau Meeting

Manfred Weber MEP (Germany), Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament (at the podium), and Antonio Tajani MEP (EPP Group, Italy),...

Opportunities for young Europeans

We want to empower the young entrepreneurs of the future, investing in education programmes that will teach them the skills they need in an evolving labour market and removing obstacles to bringing new innovative ideas to market.

photo 10.10.2019

Press conference on 'Erasmus Days'

Sabine Verheyen MEP (EPP Group, Germany), Chairwoman of the Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament

video 30.09.2019

EP Commissioner Hearings: Strong performance by Mariya Gabriel

Mariya Gabriel put in a strong performance at a European Parliament hearing testing...

news 28.03.2019

EP proposes tripling funding for Erasmus+ Programme

Today, the European Parliament adopted a Report on the Erasmus+ Programme authored by Milan Zver MEP....

People at the heart of the digital economy

Conscious of its potential for growth and job creation, we are leading efforts to create an environment in which the digital economy can thrive, deliver broader choice to consumers and promote social inclusion.

news 16.07.2020

We need legal certainty for EU-US data transfers

The European Court of Justice ruled today that certain data transfers from the EU to the US are illegal...

news 18.12.2019

Google, Facebook must pay taxes where they generate profit

The EPP Group wants transnational digital companies to pay corporate tax in the place where...

video 12.03.2019

Watching out for cybersecurity amid 5G build-up

As countries prepare to roll out 5G mobile Internet, the European Union needs to be watchful of...

Secure borders

Passport-free travel within the EU can only be guaranteed if we know who is crossing our external borders at all times. We have led EU efforts in securing our external borders so that Europeans continue to enjoy the freedoms to which they are accustomed.

video 09.07.2020

EU must vigorously defend Cyprus and Greece against Turkish aggression

The EPP Group says Europe must respond if Turkey continues to violate...

news 30.04.2020

EPP Group for a strong solidarity-based EU migration policy

“We need a stronger, more efficient EU migration policy that is grounded in...

news 17.04.2019

EU law on border security adopted in record time

A law which will revamp the European Border and Coast Guard has been adopted by the European Parliament in...

Support for our farmers

We are committed to strengthening a sustainable, competitive and fair CAP so that our farmers can continue producing high-quality food in fair conditions and so that we can preserve our unique rural areas.

news 06.04.2020

Saving the harvest needs working hands

“The harvest won’t wait, and feeding Europe needs skilled hands. The European Commission and the EU Member...

news 27.03.2020

Postpone new rules for farmers during coronavirus pandemic

The EPP Group calls for another postponement of the planned European "Farm to...

The fight against terrorism

We were the first political force to understand the urgency of beefing up Europe’s security infrastructure, working both to put in place measures to prevent terrorist attacks and encourage integration, fighting radicalisation.

news 30.04.2020

EPP Group for a strong solidarity-based EU migration policy

“We need a stronger, more efficient EU migration policy that is grounded in...

video 24.10.2019

Thomas Cook, Juncker, Extremism, Turkey-Syria

The European Parliament plenary session supported measures to help tourists and tourism businesses cope with...

video 22.10.2019

Tougher laws against extremism needed after Halle attack

The recent right-wing extremist shootings in Halle that killed two people on the Jewish holy...

Position Papers


EPP Group Position Paper on the CAP Reform

The EPP Group is and will continue to be the voice and defender of European farmers and our rural communities. We...


EPP Group Position Paper on a European Union for Health

When people wish somebody all the best for their birthday or the New Year, even...


EPP Group Position Paper on the EU Roma Inclusion Process

Introduction Roma have been living in Europe for almost a millennium. These...


EU Gender Equality Policy

Introduction Equality between women and men is one of the European Union’s founding values. It goes back to 1957 when the principle...


EPP Group Position Paper on International Trade

The EU is at the forefront of free and fair world trade. This is demonstrated by our numerous trade...

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