Our priorities

Explore the priorities of the EPP Group's Modernisation Agenda for a united and secure Europe with economic strength and social responsibility. We want to ensure that every European, regardless of their background, has a fair chance to earn a living and embrace the European way of life.

EPP Group Modernisation Agenda: A Europe that Protects YOU

A European Security Pact

A Europe that shapes the future

A Europe that matters to people

A Europe that brings people together

Security: A European Security Pact


In a world in turmoil, faced with wars, pandemics, increased criminality and cyber threats, we call for a European Security Pact for a Europe that protects its citizens. We know what needs to be done; now, it is time to deliver. We need a true common European Defence, compatible with NATO, and to invest in the defence technologies of the future. We have to better protect our external borders and better manage migration flows, but also to ensure our internal security when it comes to fighting terrorism, organised crime as well as space and cyber threats. Faced with a new geopolitical order, Europe must also protect our interests by understanding and reinforcing our role in the world, speaking with one voice on the global stage. In the next legislative term, we want a European Security Pact to protect all Europeans.

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Energy, jobs and competitiveness: A Europe that shapes the future


Europeans not only expect a Europe that protects, but also an ambitious Europe that takes the lead, shaping today’s world. The EPP has led Europe from the beginning: now we want to take Europe into the future. Our social market economy allows Europe to run fast without leaving anyone behind. From coal to cargo ships to data, we have built our success by breaking down the barriers that were blocking us. We know Europe can be the continent of the next digital wave and the global hub for technological innovation. This potential gives us a huge responsibility: we must create quality jobs, strengthen our partnerships with democracies around the world, and protect our independence. We must unleash Europe’s potential to shape our future.

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Quality: A Europe that matters to people


Our Europe is a place built by and for everyone. In difficult times, we must deliver on what really matters to its citizens. We want Europe to make a real difference for people. We want to ensure that everyone, no matter where he or she lives, has access to good healthcare. We want an ambitious climate policy that brings all citizens on board and leaves a better planet for future generations. We want the best innovations and the most effective market mechanisms to make sure that Europe develops ideas, tools and products that make a difference for the whole world.  Europe must not go alone: only with our partners can we meet our global climate targets. Our capacity to innovate and our social market economy are our best resources to achieve this goal. Europe must be the place where business and research together make people’s lives better. At the same time, we support our businesses, farmers, and fishers, ensuring their competitiveness and providing the conditions to create quality jobs and secure access to affordable food for all Europeans. We want to build a Europe that delivers on what truly matters: people’s well-being, a sustainable future, and boundless opportunities.

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Solidarity: A Europe that brings people together


We envision a Europe with a renewed spirit of solidarity among its peoples and that brings this vision beyond its borders. We want a Europe that cares for everyone and protects the most vulnerable in our society. Our unique EPP approach combines the drive for competitiveness and economic opportunities with a strong sense of social solidarity and responsibility. Solidarity is not an obstacle, but an engine for growth: neither is possible without the other. We believe in a Europe that works together, includes everyone, offers the best conditions for raising a family, creates jobs, empowers our youth, women and families, and provides the best possible working environment for business while asking everyone to contribute their fair share. We want a Europe that turns different interests into bridges and conflicts into solidarity.

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