The EPP Group is the largest and oldest group in the European Parliament. A centre-right group, we are committed to creating a stronger and self-assured Europe, built at the service of its people. Our goal is to create a more competitive and democratic Europe, where people can build the life they want.

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Europeans can take great pride in their achievements. We have witnessed the longest period of peace, we have created and consolidated democracies where communist and fascist regimes once stood, we have bettered our welfare systems, we managed economic challenges creating millions of jobs and we have set the bar high for world environmental standards.

As in the past, the EPP Group will continue to be at the forefront of the European future. We believe in a strong and united Europe and we want to better it for the future generations to come.

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Manfred WEBER
Chairman of the EPP Group
Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group

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Budget, agriculture & regional funding

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Legal & home affairs

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