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Preparing Europe for the next wave of innovation

It is also responsible for research policy, including the dissemination and exploitation of research findings. It deals with measures related to energy policy, including establishing infrastructure for a trans-European energy network. And measures for the information society and information technology, including developing infrastructure for a trans-European telecommunication network.

For Europe to evolve into a globally-competitive, innovative and citizen-oriented Digital Single Market, European industry must digitise. We are focused on making sure EU policy adequately prepares Europe for the next wave of digital innovation.

Our SME Circle makes sure EU policies boost SMEs by naming and fighting against the disproportionate burdens and bureaucratic restrictions EU rules impose on them. It is also fighting to ensure the Single Market and the Capital Markets Union serves SMEs, and researchers disseminate their findings in such a way that SMEs can exploit them.

Lastly, we are working hard to ensure EU policies allow EU Member States to exploit the full potential of the EU’s common energy policy. Fully exploiting the policy is key to both securing the supply of energy and ensuring the energy efficiency that is key to a competitive economy.

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