Internal Market and Consumer Protection

A fully-functioning Single Market

This committee coordinates national legislation related to the Single Market and the Customs Union at EU level, in particular around the free movement of goods, free movement of professionals, the harmonisation of technical standards, the right of establishment and the freedom to provide services in all but the financial and postal sectors. It also adopts measures that aim to identify and eliminate any obstacles that might prevent the internal market from functioning well. Finally, it promotes and protects consumers’ economic interests within the Single Market.

The EPP Group understands only too well how a well-run Single Market is key to unlocking prosperity, innovation and greater competitiveness. With unlocking the potential of the Digital Single Market just one of the many opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, we are working with all EU Member States to make sure Single Market rules are practical, properly implemented and enforced.

We want to ensure products are safe, consumer rights are safeguarded, consumers are informed about products/services and anti-competitive behaviour is eliminated.

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