Tax Matters

Fighting tax fraud and evasion

The Subcommittee on Tax Matters (FISC), set up under the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON), is responsible for tax-related matters, with its mandate focused on combating tax fraud and evasion.

Fair, loyal, and transparent tax competition is essential to promote competitiveness within the Single Market, create jobs, and foster economic growth. Through expert hearings, debates with Ministers and national parliamentarians, fact-finding missions, and draft recommendations, this subcommittee works tirelessly to fight tax fraud, evasion, and aggressive tax planning.

One of our key priorities has been to support the new global corporate tax deal led by the OECD, which seeks to ensure that multinationals pay taxes where they generate their profits, rather than just where they have their headquarters, and impose a minimum corporate rate of 15%. It is crucial to implement this agreement in a proportionate and competitive manner to safeguard the integrity of the Single Market.

taxation of the digital world. Currently, our tax system relies heavily on physical presence, which is not suitable for the digital era in which we live.


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