• To work to the benefit of all Europeans to build a more ambitious and a more self-assured Europe where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed; defending a united Europe that respects subsidiarity, without contradiction among European, national and local identities.


  • To put people at the heart of the European project, strengthening European democracy and the accountability of its institutions; defending the European way of life, advocating a united Europe based on the values of human dignity, freedom, solidarity, the respect of human rights and the rule of law.


A united Europe in which every individual is able to realise their full potential. A fairer, more competitive and democratic Europe where people travel, work, do business, invest, learn from each other, buy, sell, collaborate and team up. A self-assured Europe that recognises its unique history and heritage and defends its way of life. A strong Europe that is ready to punch above its weight globally.


We value human dignity, freedom and responsibility, equality and justice, solidarity and subsidiarity. We acknowledge Christian-Judeo values as our foundation and are committed to defending freedom of religion all over the world.

We defend representative democracy, the separation of powers, human rights and the rule of law, standing against any form of totalitarianism, from any ideological background.

We stand for a fair society that provides equal opportunities and protects the legitimate interests of future generations. We stand for a Social Market Economy based on freedom, responsibility and fairness, that promotes private enterprise, embraces economic prosperity and leaves no one behind.

We believe in the responsible management of natural resources, which provides for justified needs and improves the living conditions for everyone, ensuring sustainable development that protects our planet for future generations. We encourage new technology, research and innovation aimed at improving our quality of life.