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More investment and less pollution

At its heart, this committee is responsible for creating a common European policy for rail, road, inland waterways, maritime, and air transport. Its influence ranges from establishing common rules for transport within the European Union to developing the infrastructure for trans-European networks, not only within the EU but also with neighbouring countries like Ukraine or Moldova. It also deals with tourism and postal services.

We will continue to work on ensuring safe and affordable mobility for all. We also support cleaner and more sustainable transport solutions without creating transport poverty. Cleaner transport requires investment in innovative technologies and the promotion of EU-wide standards.

We have achieved a lot. We have adopted important measures to limit emissions from transportation, but we did it in a responsible way to remain competitive, protect our industries and families from rising prices, and ensure that no jobs leave Europe.

Moreover, our DiscoverEU initiative has already given 35,000 young people turning 18 a free ticket to discover our continent by train. Thanks to our efforts, new rules support and compensate passengers who have faced delays.

But more needs to be done. The EPP Group supports all EU projects aimed at smarter and more interconnected transport, including the Trans-European Network (TEN-T), which funds road, rail, maritime, inland waterways, and air transport projects in every EU Member State, creating a real European transport network instead of a patchwork.

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