How we make it happen

We bring together the centre-right politicians you have elected in each Member State. These MEPs from each country form national delegations that sit together in our political group. Your delegation will bring your national point of view to bear on the policies and in the choices made by the EPP Group as a whole.

What your local MEPs do

Discover how the MEPs you elect are representing your interests on legislative and policy issues at the European level.

MEPs in the EPP Group's meeting room

How we work in practice

Our Group meets before every plenary sitting to agree our position on each topic on the European Parliament’s agenda and on how we will vote. Before that, however, a lot of preparatory work is carried out at committee and delegation level to define the optimal policy, taking into account many points of view. To ensure our policies are coherent, we structure our preparatory work through four Working Groups, each of which covers several committees. The MEPs you elect sit in one or more of these Working Groups. Many will also hold positions within the Group’s governance structures.