A budget that reflects EU priorities

Our priorities for the EU budget are clear: boosting competitiveness, protecting vulnerable citizens, strengthening EU defence and security, stabilising our neighbourhood, and ensuring inclusive growth that is sustainable for both our societies and the planet.

As the EPP Group, we understand our accountability to EU citizens and our role in managing EU resources. The EU budget has a direct impact on people's lives, and so we believe that EU citizens must always be the priority. We need an EU budget that addresses people's concerns and delivers on their needs by restoring stability for a secure, prosperous, fair, and sustainable Europe, ensuring that nobody is left behind.

We have called for increased EU investment in areas such as energy independence, quality job creation, health, agriculture, security, cohesion, digital and green transitions, research, and innovation. It is also essential to strengthen support for small and medium-sized businesses.

We firmly believe that EU spending should provide value for money, and the budget should reflect EU priorities instead of being guided by national interests. To achieve this, we support a system of new own resources for the EU, which will be vital to ensure the EU can repay its debts without having to cut valuable EU funding programmes.

Furthermore, we believe that the EU budget should be used to rebuild trust and strengthen dialogue with citizens, as well as create greater synergies with national and regional parliaments. By doing so, we can ensure that EU spending is accountable, transparent, and effective in meeting the needs of EU citizens.

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