Constitutional Affairs

Putting citizens’ concerns first

The Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) of the European Parliament is responsible for improving how European political parties and foundations are regulated also monitors the implementation of EU Treaties and evaluates the functioning of the EU and its institutions. In addition, the committee deals with inter-institutional relations between the EU institutions and the agreements that govern these relations.

Furthermore, the committee is working to improve public confidence in the European Union by conducting a profound assessment of the outcome of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Members of the committee are implementing citizens' expectations that were collected on the biggest multilingual digital platform ever.

The committee's work also includes implementing and modifying the European Parliament’s Rules of Procedure to make the EU more efficient and transparent.

Finally, the committee ensures that European citizens have a voice by upgrading the European Citizens’ Initiative, reforming electoral procedures, and establishing enhanced cooperation between the EU and other institutions.

The last piece of a puzzle of the European flag lies on top of the completed pieces

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