Budgetary Control

Better value for taxpayers' money

The committee is responsible for controlling the implementation of the EU's budget, ensuring that it spends taxpayers' money well. It considers fraud and irregularities in the budget implementation, and suggests measures aimed at preventing and prosecuting such cases. It also audits the accounts of EU Institutions.

We believe in a performance-based approach to budgeting that gives better value for taxpayers’ money by advancing the EU’s priorities and policies and making it more responsive in a crisis. Performance-based budgeting involves formulating strategic objectives and targets, defining credible measures to achieve the envisaged objectives and finding adequate indicators to measure performance while ensuring coherence between the different policies and political levels.

The EPP Group is fighting for stronger incentives that encourage Member States to make good use of EU funds along with a framework that ensures the data submitted by the Member States is more consistent. We are also looking for budget simplification, flexibility, monitoring and evaluation, along with a pragmatic approach to budget-making and a stronger link between revenue and expenditure.

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