Budgetary Control

Better value for taxpayers' money

Ensuring the EU budget is implemented efficiently and transparently is a top priority for the committee. We understand the importance of using taxpayers' money effectively and carry out this responsibility through the annual discharge procedure, which involves identifying fraud and irregularities in budget implementation and suggesting measures to prevent and prosecute such cases.

At the EPP Group, we believe in a performance-based approach to budgeting that maximizes the value of taxpayers' money by advancing the EU's policies and priorities and ensuring responsiveness during crises. We are closely monitoring the distribution of recovery funds, with the objective of ensuring timely and transparent disbursement to final beneficiaries.

To further enhance accountability, we are advocating for stronger incentives that encourage Member States to utilise EU funds effectively and consistently, along with a simplified budget framework that includes flexibility, monitoring, and evaluation. We also prioritise pragmatic budget-making and strengthening the link between revenue and expenditure.

The rule of law is critical to ensuring the sound and transparent use of EU funding. The EPP Group advocates for strong democratic institutions and puts in place a regime of conditionality to ensure that EU funds do not end up in the hands of corruption networks and oligarchic structures. By establishing a clear link between the rule of law and the use of EU funds, we can safeguard the EU budget and ensure it is used in the best interests of EU citizens.

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