From 04.03.2024 9:00 To 10.03.2024 9:30

The Week ahead

Take a look at what we have coming up over the next seven days. Explore our EPP Group agenda and the main issues we’ll be focusing on in the week ahead: from upcoming debates in the European Parliament on important legislative and policy issues to the meetings that our Members will be attending.


The Week ahead

EPP Group and EPP Party in Bucharest in preparation for EU elections


In preparation for the European Parliament elections in June, the EPP Group wants to highlight its success stories from the current mandate and discuss lively regions in Europe. On Tuesday, the EPP Group will gather for Study days in Bucharest (Romania) together with EPP European Commissioners as well as mayors from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Finland. Later, the EPP Group MEPs will have the opportunity to participate in the EPP Party Congress in Bucharest at the invitation of Romania‘s Partidul Naţional Liberal. The Congress will adopt the EPP Party election manifesto and confirm the party's lead candidate ahead of the European Elections. For more details see:

Revitalise the EU's defence capabilities


The EPP Group has pushed hard to strengthen the European defence industry. Next Tuesday, the European Commission will launch the European Defence Industrial Strategy (EDIS) and the European Defence Investment Programme (EDIP). “Putin’s brutal war against Ukraine made it obvious that we neglected our defence for far too long. With Russia being undoubtedly a long-term threat to our security, we need to strengthen our European defence industry. For this, we need a strong common effort as a Union to make the most of European taxpayers' money," says Michael Gahler MEP, the EPP Group’s spokesman on Foreign Affairs. Christian Ehler MEP, the EPP Group's spokesman on Industry, adds that ”without a competitive and innovative defence industrial base Europe cannot guarantee its own safety and security. We need action now and for years to come." 

Support Ukraine and protect our farmers


The EPP Group supports the further suspension of import duties and quotas on Ukrainian exports to the EU while reinforcing the safeguards, including emergency brakes for sensitive agricultural products. The vote on the renewal of trade benefits is scheduled for Thursday in the Parliament's Trade Committee. For the EPP Group, 'Autonomous Trade Measures (ATMs)' are a core project in the EU's urgently needed support for Ukraine and its economy in the face of the Kremlin's brutal and unprovoked war. We are supporting Ukraine while protecting our farmers at the same time.