Angelika NIEBLER


Angelika NIEBLER

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Angelika NIEBLER

Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern e.V.

Parlement européen
60, rue Wiertz / Wiertzstraat 60
B-1047 Bruxelles / Brussel

+32 (0)2 28 45390


Parlement européen
Allée du Printemps
BP 1024/F
F-67070 Strasbourg cedex

+33 (0)3 88 1 75390


Born in 1963. Ebersberg (Bavaria). Doctorate in law. Studied law, 1982-1987. Lawyer since 1991. First and second law degrees, 1987-1991. Doctorate from LMU Munich. Member of CSU area executive for Upper Bavaria since 1995. District councillor in Ebersberg since 1996. Chairman of the Upper Bavaria area association of the Women’s Union since 1999. CSU-bureau member since 2009. Parliamentary business organiser of CSU-Europe Group and the CDU/CSU Group in the EPP Group. Member of the ZDF television council since 2000. Member of CSU media committee since 2000. MEP since 1999.

My Positions in Parliament:

  • Member - Intergroup on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Member - Intergroup on Sky and Space
  • Member - Intergroup on European Cultural Heritage, Ways of Saint James and other European Cultural Routes
  • Member - Intergroup on Artificial Intelligence and Digital
  • Member - Christlich-Soziale Union in Bayern e.V.
  • Member - United States
  • Member - Industry, Research and Energy
  • Member - European Parliament
  • Substitute - Southeast Asia, ASEAN
  • Substitute - India
  • Substitute - Legal Affairs

My Positions in the Group:

  • Member - Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats)
  • Member - EPP Group Bureau
  • Member - EPP Group Heads of National Delegation

My work in the European Parliament

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