Economy, jobs & the environment

Making a real difference to European’s everyday lives

Our Working Group on the Economy, Jobs and the Environment deals with some very wide-ranging questions: from the future of the Economic and Monetary Union in the EU, the euro and financial stability to energy supply and security, climate policy, environmental protection and air quality. The Digital Single Market, telecommunications, research and development, support for SMEs, the social pillar of the EU and food safety also fall within the remit of this Working Group.

We have always been a driving force behind change, achieving significant results in many different areas. We abolished mobile roaming charges inside the EU. We mobilised nearly €200 billion of private investment in Europe and created more than 300,000 jobs through the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). And we pushed hard for the creation of a European Defence Union, securing €500 million of EU funding for joint R&D defence research.

Our priorities for the future are equally broad and noteworthy: reforming the eurozone, increasing the budget given to research and development in the upcoming Horizon Europe research and innovation framework programme, and strengthening the industrial defence programme.


Committees in this Working Group


COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and recommendations for the future

Special Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and...

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Economic and Monetary Affairs

Stimulating growth to increase jobs At a high level, this committee aims to stimulate growth and, thereby, increase jobs across...

3 hard hats sit on a concrete floor

Employment and Social Affairs

Boosting youth employment, inclusiveness and mobility It covers, amongst other issues, vocational training policy (including...

A person holds a glass globe in front of their green t-shirt

Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

Building a sustainable Europe The fight against climate change sits high on our agenda. In practical terms, we...

A woman in a flourescent vest and hard hat holds a model wind turbine

Industry, Research and Energy

Preparing Europe for the next wave of innovation It is also responsible for research policy, including the dissemination and...

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Internal Market and Consumer Protection

A fully-functioning Single Market This committee coordinates national legislation related to the Single Market and...

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Public Health

To make public health a European priority We have consistently called for the creation of a European Health Union that brings true benefits to EU citizens....


Tax Matters

The subcommittee on tax matters (FISC), set up under the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON), will deal with all tax-related matters. The EPP Group...

A man in a hat looks at a departures board in a station

Transport and Tourism

More investment and less pollution At its heart, this committee is responsible for creating a common European policy for rail, road, inland...

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Economy, jobs & the environment

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