Special Committee on foreign interference and disinformation, and on strengthening integrity in the EP (mandate ended)

Fight against interference and disinformation

The predecessor of this - Special Committee INGE - gained immense expertise throughout the dozens of hearings with experts and policymakers in the last two years.

Equipped with this knowledge, the EPP Group is ready to contribute towards mitigating the risk of malign foreign interference on European democracy in the run-up to the 2024 elections. The EPP Group believes the EU must strengthen its capacities to detect, expose and fight disinformation.

Recently we have seen attempts from third countries to interfere in the functioning of democracy in the EU and its Member States by undermining the work of the European Parliament - the so-called Qatargate. The EPP Group wants the integrity of the procedure and the network not to be compromised by third countries.

The Special Committee will ask the European Commission to present practical solutions for fighting foreign malicious interference and disinformation.

Fake news

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