EUCO: Don’t tolerate blackmail from Hungary

15.12.2023 15:59

EUCO: Don’t tolerate blackmail from Hungary

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Leading EPP Group MEPs have described the Hungarian veto against a revision of the EU's long-term budget as a "cynical move for selfish political interests". They urge EU leaders to work towards achieving a fast agreement when talks resume on the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) in January.

"Thursday's historic decision to launch accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova proves once more that European unity is possible despite difficult circumstances. While 26 EU Member States agreed a position on the EU’s long-term budget, just one opposed - Hungary. We urge EU leaders to work towards achieving a fast and fair agreement on the revision of the MFF and the vital €50 billion Ukraine Facility, which is so needed, without further delay," said EPP Group Vice-Chair Siegfried Mureşan MEP.

The MEPs also voiced serious concern over proposed cutbacks to the EU budget until 2027, slicing funds from important EU programmes such as EU4Health, Horizon, the new competitiveness tool STEP, and more.

"It is worrying that the EU leaders have not managed to agree a position for negotiations on a revision of the Union's long-term budget. The current EU long-term budget (MFF) should be adequate enough to deliver on the pledges made to vital EU funding programmes. The EU budget is a powerful tool and is crucial for reacting to any unforeseen crises that may arise. It is extremely concerning that we are now in a very uncertain place until they resume talks in January," warned Jan Olbrycht MEP, a lead European Parliament negotiator on the mid-term revision of the MFF.

EPP Group spokesman on Budgets José Manuel Fernandes MEP criticised Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's role in the outcome: "The European Council left these crucial talks to the last minute despite our repeated warnings that the MFF is already over-stretched with little or no margins left in some places. And now, by further postponing, the MFF is left in disarray. Hungary's veto must be condemned for what it is: a cynical move for selfish political interests. Prime Minister Orbán should be ashamed of his actions – blocking aid to Ukraine which is defending European democracy on the battlefield every day. This approach cannot be tolerated at EU level. We don’t tolerate any type of blackmail."

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 178 Members from all EU Member States

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