Windhoek dialogue

The Windhoek Dialogue is our African policy initiative. It aims to develop cooperation with our African partners and African political parties by providing a forum where like-minded African parties and Members of the EPP Group in the European Parliament can meet and exchange ideas and best practice on good governance, democratic practices, sustainable development and regional cooperation.

The common values defining our cooperation include respect for human rights and freedoms, the social market economy and the rule of law based on the separation of powers and multi-party democracy, with free and fair elections supporting the principle of subsidiarity and, whenever applicable, local and regional autonomy.

African and European officials sit on a discussion panel

Launched in 1996 with five African parties from Anglophone countries in Southern and East Africa, it builds on the original Windhoek Dialogue, reaching out to new partners beyond the EPP Group’s traditional African partners of the UPADD – Union of African Parties for Democracy and Development.

The Robert Schuman Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation regularly support this cooperation.