EU defence


EU defence

We need a European Defence Union

With the emergence of hybrid warfare, cyber attacks, new forms of terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, Europe is facing its biggest threat since the Cold War. Europe needs to grow up and stop counting on the US for its own security.

We are in favour of creating a European Defence Union because individual countries alone will never be able to guarantee their own security faced with 21st Century threats.

Europe needs more defence cooperation; we need a collective response to counter menaces at our external borders and we need to build up stronger defence capabilities. We do not only need to spend more on defence, but to spend smarter. This means investment in R&D and keeping up with new technology in particular.

Europe needs to set aside the soft power approach and be able to put in place credible strength to provide for its own security, within NATO and EU structures.

Facing the cyber challenge

One of the main menaces Europe faces are cyber attacks. They present an increasing security risk for individuals, companies and public authorities. A coordinated attack could destroy a country’s economy and even its democracy. Cyber terrorism, warfare and mass disinformation (fake news) can all currently be used by third countries to interfere in the EU’s democratic processes. The EPP Group defends severe sanctions against those proven to have carried out attacks, and favours all efforts by EU Member States to build up their resilience to disinformation and step up their cybersecurity.

Threats to our energy supply can also be used by third countries, like Russia, to attack us. EPP Group Members have pushed through a law ensuring no country will be left alone in such a situation.