Change to secure high standards

The global economy has brought new challenges to the European societal model: competition based on low social and environmental standards in third countries, new ways of working developed by the digital giants, and the practices of tax dodging that enabled companies to do business on European soil without paying taxes where they perform their economic activity.

We believe the social market economy model is still the best placed to answer these new challenges.

Innovation brings changes, but Europe can make sure that these changes are to the benefit of Europeans. New advances in e-health, connected transport, smart urban planning, sustainable farming or inclusion for people with disabilities are all about making innovation work for people. To fear innovation is for outdated political forces. The EPP Group embraces innovation, working on measures to ensure no one will be left behind.

Five points for a fairer society

We work on fair free trade agreements that respect our social standards and consumer rights and prevent unfair trade practices from third countries that might harm European jobs.

We work to create the right environment in Europe for the digital economy to grow and new business models to develop, making sure workers in the digital industry enjoy an equal level of protection as those in traditional sectors.

We work on a safety net for those whose jobs are threatened due to digitalisation, while prioritising education, life-long learning and digital literacy so that people are able to stay in the labour market.

We work to ensure intergenerational solidarity by avoiding more debt for future generations and defending fair pensions for the elderly.

We work to make sure digital companies play by the same rules as traditional companies, end tax dodging and make companies pay where they perform their economic activity.