Working groups

Our work in committees organised by our key priority areas

The topics covered by the European Parliament’s committees are vast and wide ranging, so we organise our work in committees by Working Groups. Our four Working Groups represent our key priority areas and each committee belongs to one Working Group. Each Working Group is headed up by one of our Vice-Chairs.

For each of the reports and resolutions the European Parliament is voting on at parliamentary committee and plenary level, our Working Groups formulate a high-level, coordinated EPP Group position.

What your local MEPs do

Discover how your MEPs are representing your interests on legislative and policy issues at the European level.

Foreign affairs

We are influencing the EU's foreign and security policy, leading EU efforts in securing the EU’s external borders, pushing for and actively working towards the creation of a European Defence Union and visa liberalisation. The Western Balkans are also a priority for us.

Budget, agriculture & regional funding

We are working for a budget with which Europe will become more competitive and future-oriented, promoting effective and efficient use of taxpayers’ money to bring the best results for EU money.

Legal & home affairs

We are fighting for an EU where citizens enjoy their fundamental rights and where the rule of law is fully respected. This Working Group deals with major issues such as migration, civil liberties, gender equality and educational, constitutional and legal matters.

Economy, jobs & the environment

We are addressing some very wide-ranging questions: from the future of the Economic and Monetary Union in the EU, the euro and financial stability to energy supply and security, climate policy, environmental protection and air quality.