Eastern Neighbourhood

The EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) provides a European perspective for countries that border the EU and have a desire to draw closer, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. The Partnership represents a unique opportunity for our neighbours: it not only allows new association agreements but also enables countries’ gradual integration in the EU economy and increases mobility for their citizens.

The EPP Group encourages countries in the Eastern Partnership to advance their political and socio-economic reform processes to deliver tangible results as quickly as possible. Our aim in the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly is to encourage dialogue, evaluate the Partnership’s successes and challenges, and to promote democracy, prosperity, stability and security in the region.

Hiker on a bridge in Grunas Canyon, Theth, Albania

In countries where the political situation gives greater cause for concern, we reaffirm that democratic practices and good governance are of fundamental importance. The rule of law, freedom of expression, citizens’ right to information and the organisation of free and fair elections are irrevocable principles. We urge a mutual understanding with common positions between the European and national parliaments.

Our Eastern Neighbourhood Working Group examines new policy options that could give impetus to the EaP. It meets regularly with EaP countries’ Ambassadors, officials from relevant EU institutions and experts to assess the situation in the region and to strengthen our political relations with our partners there. To this end, we also organise conferences, hearings and fact-finding missions in the region’s countries.

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