Encouraging new European innovation champions

While Europe was at the forefront of global innovation for centuries, we now need to catch up with the US and Asia. Europe has the potential to lead the next digital wave again, one that is already transforming our traditional industries and our households.

To achieve the task, we believe in setting up a regulatory framework that provides the right conditions for societies to embrace innovation and makes sure there is enough financing. An environment that can generate new European champions in innovation, like Airbus. We need to improve research programmes for artificial intelligence while setting clear ethical and social standards.

People making ideas work for people

Innovation is about people making ideas work for people - e-health, connected transport, smart urban planning, sustainable farming, inclusion for people with disabilities. Innovation is not about winners and losers. It is about change at the service of Europeans. Our education systems need to promote digital literacy at an early age and match the right skills with the right opportunities. Europe should also pursue innovation to make participation in society easier - like e-voting or paper-free administration.

We stand by an innovation policy based on values, not algorithms, and not led by tech giants or authoritarian powers. The European way of life has all the ingredients for success: values, a fair social market economy, creative capacities and stable democracies. These competitive advantages have produced industrial success stories, excellent research capacities, robust educational systems and the strongest consumer power in the world. If we want to preserve it, Europe needs to encourage new business models that create new jobs while preserving its social standards.