European democracy: common values, rules, and rights

The EPP Group emphasises urgent measures to combat organised crime, through the implementation of the AML-package, enhancing cross-border cooperation, establishing an effective EU AML/CFT Authority, and engaging in international discussions. We remain committed to combating organized crime and safeguarding our economies and citizens. In our crusade against organised crime, we introduced Daphne's Law and advocated for essential procedural protections against SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) abuses. Our efforts led to the establishment of minimum standards for public participation protection and strong safeguards against abusive court proceedings, while also urging the suspension of social media accounts justifying Putin's war on Ukraine. Additionally, we pressed the European Commission for an effective strategy against hybrid threats and initiated crucial debates on globalization and the digital revolution.

European democracy: common values, rules, and rights

Combat Organised Crime
publications 13.09.2022

EPP Group Position Paper on How to Combat Organised Crime in the European Union

INTRODUCTION Organised crime is a major threat to the internal security of the European Union and to the safety of our citizens. Widespread criminality erodes trust in societies and authorities and hinders honest people’s everyday life. It is a t...

publications 09.03.2021

The Future of Christian Democracy

We live in a time of global crises. A long-term economic crisis is leading many to question globalisation. The ecological crisis is threatening what makes our world habitable. The inability to act effectively in the face of these challenges is...

Freedom Of Speech
news 25.08.2023

A strong anti-SLAPP law is non-negotiable

MEPs David Casa and Ramona Strugariu have sounded alarm bells on the rising trends of strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) happening against the backdrop of negotiations on an anti-SLAPP Directive. The Co-chairs of the Media...

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