You elect your MEPs locally to represent your region and national party at the European level. Members from each EU Member State are brought together in like-minded European political groups through delegations from their countries (national delegations). Each delegation’s Head of Delegation represents a national party, or a delegation made from several national parties, within our Group.

What your local MEPs do

Discover how the MEPs you elect are representing your interests on legislative and policy issues at the European level.

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Representing you in the European Parliament

MEPs also represent you at the European level by sitting in European Parliament committees with representatives from other countries.

Here, and in plenary, they will vote to implement the centre-right policies agreed within our Group and established in our political programme.

The EPP Group was the first group to set up a formal structure for building strong relations with the EPP parties represented in national parliaments.

We believe our political dialogue with groups in national parliaments helps us to help the EU respond to the needs of its citizens better. In addition to that, it also strengthens the legitimacy of our priorities and initiatives in the EP.

By working together, we make better laws, bridge the distance with our citizens and strengthen European democracy.