Historic deal on new European migration rules

20.12.2023 8:08

Historic deal on new European migration rules

Φωτογραφία μεταναστών

"After years of political deadlock, we have today agreed on a common European response to the challenge of migration. The new rules will allow us to regain control over our external borders and reduce the migration pressure towards the EU. This would not have been possible without the EPP Group. We have been a constructive and unifying force throughout the negotiations," explained EPP Group MEP Tomas Tobé, the European Parliament’s lead negotiator on the migration management law.

His statement comes after negotiators from the European Parliament and Member States agreed on the Migration Pact, a set of five new laws to better control migration flows to Europe.

"The Pact intends to regain control over the EU's borders. It is up to EU governments, not smugglers, to decide who enters Europe. For that, each part of the Migration Pact is equally important. New Eurodac rules will allow for proper identification, helping to prevent irregular migration and unauthorised movement between EU countries. Meanwhile, new harmonised rules on security checks will effectively screen all irregular arrivals at the external EU borders. At the external borders, a clear distinction will be made between those who are in need of international protection and those who are not. Those who represent a threat to security and those whose applications for international protection have low chances of success will have to go through a border procedure, ensuring support for those in real need of protection and the efficient return of those who are not," said Jeroen Lenaers MEP, EPP Group Spokesman on Home Affairs.

”No EU country can confront the migration challenge alone. That is why we have improved the rules on the responsibility for the examination of asylum applications, and we are setting up a permanent solidarity mechanism that provides real and meaningful solidarity and allows for flexible contributions from EU governments, recognising the gravity of our shared responsibility," Tobé added.

"The migration crisis is a common European challenge that we must shoulder together responsibly. Let's now urgently implement these new laws. We need to ensure that our common European migration and asylum system can function properly at all times and stand ready for whatever challenges the future holds,” concluded Lenaers.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 178 Members from all EU Member States

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