Empowering Europe: A Vision for Energy Security and Critical Raw Materials

At the heart of the EPP Group’s vision on Energy lies an unwavering commitment to an energy landscape that is affordable, sustainable and secure. We recognise the pivotal role energy plays in driving economic growth and preserving jobs. As we navigate through challenges such as high energy prices, disrupted supply chains and the transition towards climate neutrality, we understand the urgency for action.

We want a comprehensive European energy policy reform, ensuring that dependencies are minimised, and critical infrastructure remains under European control. We advocate for a diverse energy mix, with a strong emphasis on expanding renewable energy sources to reduce costs and promote climate neutrality in the long term.

The digital and green transition will not work without access to Critical Raw Materials. A credible and strategic raw materials policy must increase our supply from reliable sources. We have improved licensing procedures, included a better recycling and waste management policy, and prevented additional restrictions for domestic mining. We also want to improve partnerships with reliable third countries.

Empowering Europe: A Vision for Energy Security and Critical Raw Materials

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publications 29.09.2022

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