Rules for a safe and competitive digital environment

Jackie Fox's advocacy, sparked by her daughter Nicole's tragic suicide due to cyberbullying, led to Ireland criminalizing cyberbullying. Now, the EPP Group is striving to criminalize online harassment. The EPP Group continues to champion the Digital Services Act, advocating for harmonized rules, differentiated regulations for platforms, and extended scope to third-country providers. We have also preserved the prohibition of general monitoring, established clear collaboration procedures with law enforcement authorities, and pushed for transparency reporting obligations for digital intermediaries. Additionally, the EPP Group pioneers a human-cantered approach to AI, emphasising clear regulations, expanded scope, and preventive measures against unlawful practices. Our efforts aim for a safer, more regulated digital landscape in Europe.

Rules for a safe and competitive digital environment

Digital Services Act (DSA)
publications 20.01.2021

EPP Group Position on the Digital Services Act (DSA)

(A) Harmonise the existing rules on the removal of illegal content: maintain the general concept behind Art 13/14 in the Directive on electronic commerce as well as the current notice-and-action procedures (notice and notice, notice and takedown,...

video 05.06.2023

The European Union's First AI Law: Balancing Innovation and Regulation

The EPP Group wants clear standards for a human-centred approach to #ArtificialIntelligence based on European ethical standards and democratic values. Embracing innovation doesn't mean risking EU standards. Creating the new AI Act is about...

video 09.05.2023

It’s time to make cyberbullying a criminal offence across the EU - Coco's Law

Suppose someone online bullies one of your loved ones. Then, using fake intimate images and spiteful words, they torture your child, pushing them to the brink of suicide. When you call the police, they tell you: "It is not a criminal offence....

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