Economic and Social Recovery and new EU budget rules

The EPP Group advocated for additional funding from the MFF, including €3 billion for the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP) and €2 billion for the Solidarity and Emergency Aid Reserve. We continually pushed for increased budgets in migration, border management, and global initiatives. The EPP Group played a key role in overseeing the Coronavirus Recovery Fund, and we warmly welcomed the resulting €750 billion Recovery Instrument. Subsequently, our efforts ensured that EU budget payments from the Coronavirus fund are bound to the rule of law since January 2021.

Economic and Social Recovery and new EU budget rules

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news 30.03.2023

EU puts money back in women's pockets with new pay transparency

Companies will soon have to disclose salary information to employees and thus expose potential gender pay gaps. The European Parliament will vote for these new transparency rules today. "The gender pay gap stands at 13% in the EU. This means that...

video 24.10.2022

Cost of living relief: Scrap VAT on basic foods, redistribute windfall profits tax on energy

With fast-rising prices on food and energy, the EPP Group backs suspending the VAT on basic foods like fruit, vegetables and dairy, and taxing energy companies making excessive profits amid inflation. The war in Ukraine and Russian leader...

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publications 29.09.2022

EPP Group Position Paper on Fighting inflation and tackling the rise of energy and living costs: ensuring a winter of solidarity

Russia’s war of aggression is causing immense suffering for the people of Ukraine and constitutes a direct attack on European values. It has a significant impact on the EU’s economy, notably through a dramatic rise in energy and food prices. The eur...

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