Casa reinforces commitment to strengthening disability rights across EU

20.02.2024 9:28

Casa reinforces commitment to strengthening disability rights across EU

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David Casa MEP

In a pledge to promote inclusivity and accessibility for persons with disabilities, MEP David Casa recently met with the Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability (MFOPD). The meeting, spearheaded by Marthese Mugliette, President of the MFOPD, aimed to foster dialogue on the pivotal issues facing individuals with disabilities in Malta and across the European Union.

Casa detailed the results of the recently agreed upon EU Disability Card and EU Parking Card, both critical initiatives designed to ensure better mobility for persons with disabilities. The next steps were to work for a strong vote on the provisional text in the coming months and to follow up with an effective implementation across Member States. 

During the meeting held at the Maltese Parliament, MEP Casa was joined by MP Graziella Galea and involved a frank discussion underscoring the urgent need to address key areas, from enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities in the workforce, to improving procurement processes for medicines.

MEP Casa expressed his commitment to taking proactive measures in these areas, stating, “Our meeting today highlights how much we need to step up our joint efforts to create a more inclusive society. By focusing on accessibility, workforce integration, and modification to the procurement procedures of medicines, we can significantly improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities. I am dedicated to working alongside the MFOPD and other stakeholders to make these necessary changes a reality in the coming months.”

Marthese Mugliette, President of the MFOPD, lauded the progress made on disability rights concerning the EU Disability Card. “As a federation, we are committed to addressing a wide range of conditions and policies to support individuals with disabilities. We appreciate MEP Casa's efforts in establishing the EU Disability Card, especially since the pilot project came to an end years ago. We need this strong representation of people with disabilities to continue if Maltese people are to benefit from EU values of equality through better accessibility.”

Casa pledged to continue collaborative efforts with the MFOPD and relevant stakeholders to advance the rights and integration of persons with disabilities. He thanked Graziella Galea for her ongoing work in the field domestically and ensured that the PN would continue its efforts through the joint work between lawmakers and stakeholders.

“It is only through this shared commitment that we will dismantle persistent barriers that disabled people still face, to foster an environment where everyone has the opportunity to participate fully in society,” Casa concluded.

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