MEPs and EP staff can now watch Maltese TV channels at the EP

01.07.2021 13:58

MEPs and EP staff can now watch Maltese TV channels at the EP

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Quaestor David Casa MEP
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All the Members of the European Parliament and staff members of the European Parliament are now able to access Maltese television channels in their offices. This could be possible after an intervention done by Quaestor David Casa in his role as a Member of Parliament’s Bureau.

“One of the first things which I started working upon after being elected as a Quaestor and a Member of the Bureau, was to ensure the commencement of the technical work necessary to allow access to TV channels from member states which were not available. Such Member States included Malta. I am now pleased to announce that as from this week, NET TV and ONE TV are accessible on Parliament’s official channels,” said Quaestor Casa.

MEP Casa has also approached the administration of the Public Broadcasting Services to be able to have TVM 1 and TVM 2 accessible in Parliament. Technical discussions between the European Parliament’s DG ITEC and PBS are ongoing. MEP Casa thanked the administration of NET TV and ONE TV for their cooperation with the European Parliament.

Concluding, MEP Casa said: “Whilst today, streaming of local channels is easily done through various hardware, the fact that Malta was one of the few Member States without its TV channels broadcasted in the EP, was something which in my opinion, was not acceptable. Today, when it comes to the television services within the European Parliament, Malta has been placed on the same level as all the other Member States.”

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