“EMFA a response to governments with a contempt for journalists” - Casa

12.03.2024 14:40

“EMFA a response to governments with a contempt for journalists” - Casa

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MEP David Casa giving a speech in Parliament with a portrait of slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in the background.

In an address to the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, MEP David Casa appealed for a strong vote on the European Media Freedom Act, dubbing it a “strong tool in our arsenal able to put an end to practices that are hostile to journalists.”

“Democracy falters when journalists are threatened,” declared Casa.

Casa recalled Daphne’s final interview, given 10 days before her assassination, in which she lamented the intense pressure exerted by the government over her employer’s finances, insisting she lose her job because of what she wrote.

“We will no longer accept that the public broadcaster acts as government propaganda, or that newspapers are subjected to a mountain of pressure lest they do their job of reporting what is in the public interest.”

Casa called out the Maltese Government for its despicable attitude toward journalists, even after it had been found responsible for creating the atmosphere that enabled Daphne’s assassination.

“Finally we have another shield for journalism, and so I appeal for a strong vote and for us to continue this fight with all our strength,” the MEP concluded.

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