Parliament rejects extremism on plant protection products

22.11.2023 14:49

Parliament rejects extremism on plant protection products

Agricultural crops sprayer spraing herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on a green field during springtime in Flevoland, Netherlands

There will be no European ban on plant protection products. Today, the European Parliament rejected the extremist approach of the Greens and Socialists to impose more and more bans and excessive regulations that would reduce food production in Europe.

The EPP Group voted to find compromises on the sustainable use of plant protection products, but the left parties continued to push for extremes. As a result, no majority was reached and the legislative proposal was rejected altogether.
"The EPP Group does not support measures that reduce food production in Europe or impede farmers from producing food. Let farmers farm! Before we move towards an outright ban on plant protection products, we must find suitable alternatives", said Alexander Bernhuber MEP, the EPP Group's negotiator on the new rules on the use of plant protection products, following today's vote in the European Parliament.

"We all want fewer plant protection products used on farmland. But reducing them must not jeopardise food production in Europe, make food more expensive, or lead to farmers quitting their businesses," Bernhuber said.

"Farmers must be allowed to do their work. We must not increase the bureaucratic burden on farmers but ensure food security," he concluded.

Note to editors

The EPP Group is the largest political group in the European Parliament with 178 Members from all EU Member States

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