7 farms next door: Discover farmers' commitment to sustainable agriculture and innovation


7 farms next door: Discover farmers' commitment to sustainable agriculture and innovation

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The EPP Group supports European farmers, backing them and our vibrant rural areas, which are essential to the European way of life. We are excited to present the EPP Group film series, 'Farm Next Door'.

This series features seven inspiring stories of European farmers driving positive change in agriculture through innovation. As we journey through Italy, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, France, Germany and Portugal, we challenge outdated perceptions of farming and forestry. We also highlight areas where farmers need our support and European policy responses.

A sustainable agricultural sector benefits everyone economically, environmentally and socially. We focus on all three, just as farmers do. To keep EU agriculture competitive, farmers simply need investment in and access to cutting-edge technology. At the EPP Group, we are committed to supporting them on this path.

We defend an agricultural model rooted in family farms and dedicated professionals at the centre of vibrant rural communities across the EU. We highlight that farming is often the main driver of economic development in many regions.

Let's celebrate European farmers' unwavering commitment to sustainable agriculture and innovation.


We believe innovation holds the key to more sustainable agriculture.

In South Tyrol, MEP Herbert Dorfmann witnessed firsthand how high-tech European farmers - Ulrich Kager and Patrick Sanin - revolutionised farming with vertical methods. This practice allows them to reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining robust food production.


The best know-how for sustainable forest management lies within the Member States.

In Finland, it takes around 80 years before a forest is ready for harvest. That's why forest owners need long-term policies grounded in evidence and tailored to the needs of each EU country. Tapio's farm has 400 years of history and much to show for forest sustainability. Join MEP Henna Virkkunen on her visit and see forestry innovation in action.


We will continue to defend a strong Common Agricultural Policy.

A lot has changed in farming thanks to innovation and the contribution of new-gen European farmers like Louis, who transformed his family's pig farm. Join Tom Vandenkendelaere MEP and learn how European funds empower farmers to innovate, adapt and lead the way in sustainable agriculture.


Let farmers do what they do best: farm!

Meet Marc, an Alsatian farmer who joined forces with other farmhands in an agricultural grouping for joint exploitation. Alone, their farms might not be viable, but together, they are transforming Europe's farming landscape. 🐄 From automated milking systems to methane capture for energy production, discover how these innovations boost farm efficiency and productivity, contributing to environmental sustainability.

MEP Anne Sander takes us behind the scenes to see how farmers embrace innovation to sustain their livelihoods.


We are proud of European farmers. They ensure sufficient, high-quality food for us to eat while preserving nature.

Ever pictured yourself milking your first cow in your 50s? That's exactly what the Connelly family did. Together with their four daughters, they run an award-winning sustainable dairy farm in Tuam, Ireland. Join MEP Colm Markey and the Connelly family for an engaging discussion. They will discuss the challenges and opportunities in agriculture while highlighting innovative practices that enhance labour efficiency and sustainability.


Farmers are key to the circular economy, supplying essential food and renewable energy.

Philipp's family farm is reducing emissions and powering their community with renewable energy all at once. Hop on board with MEP Norbert Lins and discover how this young farmer's biogas plant fuels the local bus service.


Investing in water infrastructure and innovation is a must in water-stressed regions.

Water scarcity is a pressing issue for many Europeans, impacting everything from daily use to agricultural production. Droughts wreak havoc on our fields, threatening food production. But how do European farmers confront climate change and extreme weather?

Farmer Bruno Pateiro and agronomist Rui Flores share their strategies and need to cope with this situation in the Alentejo region.

Join MEP Lídia Pereira as she observes farmers' efforts on-site to enhance water efficiency and the crucial role of the 'Alqueva' dam in securing a better future for rural communities.

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