Police patrol lights on car roof

Organised crime requires a common European response

Organised crime is a major threat to the internal security of the European Union and Europeans.

In 2019, criminal activities like drug trafficking, human smuggling and cybercrime cost the EU a staggering €139 billion. The EPP Group proposes a targeted strategy to 'follow the money' – freezing and confiscating criminal assets to hit organised crime where it hurts.

With over 5,000 organised crime groups operating in the EU, we want to equip Europol with sufficient resources to tackle terrorism, human trafficking, drug smuggling on the ground. The Agency should be given an extended operational role and become an operational ‘Police Force’ on the ground.

Every seized drug shipment, every disrupted criminal network, brings us closer to a safer Europe.

Organised crime must be stopped!

Organised crime requires a common European response

Police patrol lights on car roof
opinion 15.02.2024

Securing Europe's Future: A Unified Front Against Terrorism and Organised Crime

A terrorist attacks a Christmas market; a gang-related shooting takes place in the city centre; a child abuse ring is uncovered. Whenever we see such events on the news, we all ask ourselves, “How can this happen here?” But, the truth is: it happens all...

Combat Organised Crime
publications 13.09.2022

EPP Group Position Paper on How to Combat Organised Crime in the European Union

One of the EU's most important tasks is to safeguard its citizens' security and safety and our aim is to ensure that the citizens of the European Union are safe from the threat of organised crime and criminal networks.


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