Consumer policy for the green and digital transitions

The EPP Group supported new rules on consumer credits, addressed rising energy and food prices by proposing vital measures like investment agendas for energy infrastructure, price caps on Russian fuels, and zero VAT on basic food products. Additionally, we contributed to updating product safety regulations, resolving banking challenges, and curbing unfair practices of digital giants. We advocated for a digital single market, voted for Roaming Regulation extensions, and campaigned for a universal charger, aiming at simplifying lives and protecting the environment.

Consumer policy for the green and digital transitions

video 07.11.2022

Heart of the Green Deal: New European Bauhaus

Rebuilding the EU with people and planet in mind is the aim of the New European Bauhaus approved by Parliament. Co-author Željana Zovko says that after so many devastating natural disasters, Europe needs to build back better and more safely. ...

video 12.04.2023

Make Green the new Gold: a Green Deal with a business case

The EU must help reverse Europe's industrial shrinkage by making the green transition a win-win and keeping sectors competitive globally. EPP Group MEPs say that means ensuring industries have the energy, raw materials, semiconductors and favourable...

video 27.03.2023

Speed the EU’s Green Transition: Get more Critical Raw Materials at home

How to meet zooming demand for solar panels, electric cars and wind turbines in Europe’s Green Transition? The EU needs to speed the sourcing of Critical Raw Materials in its own backyard to build them, say EPP Group MEPs. That means making it e...

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