European Disability Card to become reality after decisive Parliament vote - MEP DAVID CASA

24.04.2024 13:02

European Disability Card to become reality after decisive Parliament vote - MEP DAVID CASA

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David Casa
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MEP David Casa praised the strong support for the European Disability Card after an overwhelming majority of MEPs backed its EU-wide introduction.

“We have just sent a strong signal in favour of a more inclusive Europe,” Casa declared as the EPP’s negotiator on the relevant Directive.

Casa stated that one of the fundamental freedoms of the European Union was the free movement of people, so it was only right that persons with disabilities should enjoy the same access as all other citizens.

“The Disability Card will be a legally binding proof of disability status and will open up essential access for all those with disabilities who travel around the European Union,” Casa explained. “It is a very important step that will render positive concrete benefits on citizens and which strengthens the rights of millions of EU citizens.

“This is something to be proud of,” Casa argued. “These are not new rights, but rights which were deprived from them for years and for which we finally have a just solution.”

Addressing the plenary session before the vote, MEP David Casa said that the work on disability rights was only getting started.

“We need to ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities in Member States are stronger than they are now. We still have long to go.”

The final vote on the new Directive was taken during the last plenary session of the 9th legislature. It will now be signed into law and will have to be transposed by Member States thereafter.


MEP David Casa was the EPP’s negotiator on the Directive establishing the European Disability Card and the European Parking Card. The European Disability Card will serve as proof of disability status across the European Union. It will be issued free of charge and will entitle Maltese cardholders to the same rights and benefits as persons with disabilities who are resident of the EU country they are visiting. The European Parking Card is its counterpart for accessible parking.

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