Casa meets with Data Commissioner on systematic abuse of private citizen data

02.11.2023 9:36

Casa meets with Data Commissioner on systematic abuse of private citizen data

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David Casa MEP
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“In a meeting with the Data Protection Commissioner, I underlined the importance of his investigation into the systematic misuse of citizens’ personal data, which is being weaponised to discriminate services on the basis of perceived political allegiance,” Casa declared.

“I was assured that the investigation is active,” Casa explained. “As always, I placed myself at the disposal of the Maltese authorities to do their job in ensuring that the Maltese Government behaves within the boundaries of the law, especially since we know this is not the case.”

Last month, Casa had written to the Data Protection Commissioner requesting an investigation into the systematic breaches of European data protection law. Casa welcomed the Commissioner’s positive decision, who acknowledged that the facts were sufficiently serious so as to warrant an ex officio investigation.

“The hijacking of government entities by Labour Party fixers and operatives and their misuse of private citizen data poses a massive threat to the fundamental rights and freedoms of Maltese citizens,” Casa emphasised. “This is far beneath the standards of a democratic government. It is a disgrace.”

In a resolution on the rule of law in Malta, the European Parliament called for the European authorities to monitor the case after it expressed its deep concern at the scandals published by investigative journalists this year.

The European Parliament called “on the European Data Protection Supervisor to monitor the ongoing investigation in Malta, which was publicly announced on 9 October 2023 and will look into the abusive use of private data of Maltese citizens, which could have been used for discrimination on the grounds of political affiliation.”

Casa thanked his lawyer Dr Jason Azzopardi who accompanied him to the meeting.

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