EU-Poland: Keeping up the pressure

13.04.2016 11:45

EU-Poland: Keeping up the pressure

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Today the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the situation in Poland with a large majority. Viviane Reding welcomes the resolution: “Today the European Parliament unequivocally adds its voice to the ever growing chorus of people who are worried about the authoritarian drift of the Polish government. Our common values, the bedrock of our Union, are non-negotiable! Poland was a strong and democratic voice. We need it back!”

Viviane Reding, former Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship from 2010 to 2014, who created the Rule of Law Framework, highlighted the importance of the resolution: “Last January, I warned against the reforms of the Polish government aimed among others at dismantling the independent judiciary. Three months later, I remain just as worried. The attacks against the Constitutional Tribunal, media-freedom and women's rights, are steps in the wrong direction."

In early March the Polish Constitutional Tribunal sounded the alarm. Few days later, the Venice Commission stated in its final report that the amendments could have the effect of making the Tribunal “ineffective as a guardian of the Constitution”.

Reding stated: “The Polish government must take into account both the recommendations of its own Supreme Court and the advice from the Venice Commission they requested themselves! Both the external and internal pressure is mounting. The Polish people are taking to the streets by the thousands. The European institutions must now keep up the pressure and send a strong message of support. Let there be no mistake: if Europe allows its fundamental values to be trodden with impunity by some of its own Member States, this would send a dangerously wrong message that would be picked-up far beyond our borders, undermining our credibility and the indispensable respect for our common values. I will remain vigilant that this does not happen.

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