Brexit: Time to move Europe forward

24.06.2016 5:47

Brexit: Time to move Europe forward

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"A successful divorce is better than a failed marriage. The United Kingdom has always been a fierce opponent to further integration, hence this result seems perfectly coherent to me. I wish good luck to this new third country, which, I am sure, won’t fail to become a third party partner in due time.

For too long, this referendum has prioritised the interests of a single country over the necessity, for the Union as a whole, to find the right answer to our common and unprecedented challenges. I hope that Prime Minister David Cameron will swiftly launch the exit procedure enshrined in Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, and that the 27 Member States will put forward a mandate limited to the exit terms only. Now that the British people took the sovereign decision to leave the family, they must leave as soon as possible. Half-membership is not an option!

The British have decided their own way. We should stick to ours. To move Europe forward, we should provide it with the means necessary to efficiently fight terrorism, manage the refugee-crisis, create jobs and combat climate-change. It is high time to reform Europe, with those who are committed to it and demonstrate ambition, certainly not with those who fatally toy with it. The impetus Europe needs can only come from a core Europe of countries willing to move forward!

Europe is a heritage, which must be cherished and further developed. For the founding fathers, Europe was a dream of peace and prosperity, of security and solidarity. Today we are far from that, time to wake up!”

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