Future of Europe: Think bigger, act faster!

Thousands of EU citizens, local, national, European representatives, civil society and social partners’ organisations have spent the past year in discussions during the Conference on the Future of Europe. The result was a resolution that was this week adopted in the European Parliament. This resolution outlines most important changes, that people of EU want to see, as well as measures to achieve those changes.

People have expressed that they want a stronger democracy, a true health union, better cybersecurity, more energy security, more ambitious climate policies... And much more than that.

This podcast episode was recorded on the eve of the last Conference on the Future of Europe Plenary, as a conversation between EPP Group's Chairman Manfred Weber, and Georgina Wright, Director of Europe Program at Paris-based think-tank Institut Montaigne. They discussed the outcomes of the Conference, its impact on the future and the future steps of the EU Institutions.

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