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The Circle Bridge (Copenhagen)

“We call for a dedicated programme for New Bauhaus, with fresh money and with a separate budget line, in order to turn the concept into a long-term initiative”, declared the European Parliament Rapporteur Christian Ehler MEP shortly before the vote on the New Bauhaus Initiative.

This afternoon, the Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and the Committee on Culture and Education will vote on the New European Bauhaus Initiative. This concept will bring science, technology, architecture, crafts and the arts together, in order to re-think our economic ecosystem on all levels, from our cities, rural areas, buildings and green spaces to our furniture, materials, industry and creative environment.

Ehler said that the EPP Group supports this initiative but the European Commission's proposal has not been concrete enough and a lot of open questions remain. “We have tackled the most urgent issues such as funding and the specific criteria to be used for the New Bauhaus projects. If we want this initiative to be successful and sustainable, we need more visibility of the concept through public outreach activities and a dedicated platform for citizens and local governments."

The EPP Group Negotiator from the Committee on Culture and Education, Željana Zovko MEP, underlined the human aspect of the initiative: “By adding the safety component to sustainable and innovative construction, the New European Bauhaus will ensure the protection of citizens in both natural and man-made disasters and adapt and preserve our diverse cultural and historical heritage at the same time.

“We now have a chance to truly shape our future in a beautiful, inclusive and sustainable way. Let us make the New Bauhaus a reality for every citizen”, she concluded.

The New Bauhaus Initiative will unite people from all walks of life, aiming at improving our daily lives while working towards achieving the Green Deal ambition.

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