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“More than ever before, European energy projects are of paramount importance in order to make the energy transition work for our citizens and to become less dependent on energy imports from Russia,” said Tom Berendsen MEP, who negotiated the new EU rules for the financing and construction of energy infrastructure on behalf of the EPP Group.

Today, the European Parliament will vote on the so-called Trans-European Network in Energy (TEN-E) rules for the financing and construction of energy infrastructure. Thanks to TEN-E, energy in Europe will be more sustainable, more securely supplied and more affordable. The TEN-E regulation sets criteria on which cross-border energy infrastructure projects are eligible for European funds under the Connecting Europe Facility and fast-tracked permits.

Berendsen underlined the need to reduce Europe’s dependency on Russian energy sources and keep energy prices low. “I’m confident that this regulation is now ready to be the basis for more European energy projects of common interest. We need more European cooperation to ensure that our future energy system is affordable, secure and clean. The EPP Group believes that all three aspects are key.”

The new regulation will contribute to the CO2 emissions reduction objectives by promoting the integration of renewables and new clean energy technologies into the energy system. It will continue to connect regions currently isolated from European energy markets, strengthen existing cross-border interconnections and promote cooperation with partner countries. It will also help timely delivery of cross-border infrastructure by proposing ways to simplify and accelerate permitting and authorisation procedures.

“There will also be improved cooperation among Member States on offshore projects. Important projects with non-European countries will be promoted rather than put aside. As long as bridging technologies and fuels, such as low-carbon hydrogen, contribute to reaching the overall goal in the most efficient way in the energy transition, they are part of the solution", Berendsen continued.

With these rules, all infrastructure that facilitates CO2 storage will also benefit from fast-tracked procedures and potential funding. “This is another major achievement”, concluded Berendsen.

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