EU Budget 2022: more money for post-pandemic recovery


“The European budget for next year will affect every region, every sector and every generation in Europe. We have worked for several months to reach a clear and strong position of the Parliament with the aim of pushing the post-pandemic recovery further. Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and strengthening education, research and innovation, and health programmes will show our commitment to the recovery”, said Karlo Ressler MEP, the European Parliament’s negotiator of the 2022 EU Budget, as the Budgets Committee adopted its position today.

“In addition, new international developments will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the budget, as the EU has to remain a relevant global actor and mitigate the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. We also need to continue to fight the pandemic globally and to be able to react to any other unexpected challenges”, Ressler explained.

“The Union’s budget must be robust and scaled to allow all funds and programmes to be in place. It is urgent that Member States implement the funds to support the economy, increase competitiveness, execute the Green Deal and strengthen economic, territorial and social cohesion”, stated José Manuel Fernandes MEP, who is the EPP Group's Spokesman in the Budgets Committee, criticising the Member States' attempts to shrink the Commission’s draft budget by €1.43 billion in commitments.

“The task is not finalised. With the position adopted today, we have to convince our colleagues in the Council that the investment in recovery has no alternative and that these are the expectations of our citizens”, Ressler explained.

“If the Council proposes cuts to the Parliament’s position, let there be no doubt: the costs will be borne by the citizens. It will be jobs and businesses, especially the smallest, who will pay the price of the Council’s pig-headedness”, Fernandes concluded.

Today’s result will go to plenary in the second half of October, when the European Parliament will adopt its position on the 2022 EU Budget.

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