Hands off our steering wheels, Greens!

07.12.2023 8:32

Hands off our steering wheels, Greens!

Woman driving car or SUV

The EPP Group is against the Greens’ proposals that would unjustly burden and discriminate against both young and old drivers. We stand firm in our commitment to empowering all drivers by proposing measures to improve road safety without imposing unnecessary burdens on citizens.

“Unlike the Greens' misguided proposals, the EPP Group believes that any new measures must prioritise road safety without unfairly penalising citizens. It seems that the Greens either have forgotten or simply do not care about the real needs of the people. Hands off our steering wheels, Greens,” stresses Elżbieta Łukacijewska MEP, the lead EPP Group negotiator on the Driving Licence law, ahead of today’s vote in the Parliament’s Transport Committee on new rules for driving licences in Europe.

The EPP Group wants to make it easier for young people to become professional drivers. This includes lowering the age for professional driving licences and allowing for accompanied driving. With 14 per cent youth unemployment in the EU, a pressing shortage of half a million professional drivers and an ageing workforce, there is an urgent need to open up the profession to young people. “Let's provide young drivers with the opportunity to hone their skills in real-world conditions and tackle the professional driver shortage while upholding stringent road safety standards,” underlines Łukacijewska.

At the same time, the EPP Group opposes mandatory medical checks for older drivers, which should be based on medical factors, not age.

“We listen to the voice of our citizens and we will fight to preserve their mobility and independence without subjecting them to unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles. We urge the Greens to reconsider their proposals and create a driving environment that meets the needs of all citizens and respects the principle of subsidiarity,” concluded Łukacijewska.

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