08.03.2023 12:30
08.03.2023 13:00

International Women’s Day 2023: Achieving a Europe that works for women

European Parliament, Brussels

International Women

EPP Group presents International Women's Day Declaration

On Wednesday, 8 March, the EPP Group gathered on the third floor of the European Parliament to celebrate International Women’s Day.

"Even if the European Union leads in the global quest for gender equality and advancing the role of women in society, we are not there yet", stated Dolors Montserrat, Member of the EPP Group and initiator of the event.

In the presence of EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber, Montserrat presented the EPP Group’s Declaration, proposing five main goals to build a Europe that empowers women:

  • eradicating gender-based violence;
  • recognising equal work with equal pay;
  • sharing care work responsibilities;
  • recognising and advancing female talent;
  • attracting more women to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In its declaration, the EPP Group stresses "Achieving a Europe that works for women is a commitment that we make not just today as we mark International Women’s Day, but every day as we seek to better our European Union". The attendance of many female and male EPP Group Members at the EPP Group’s event showed a determination to jointly tackle challenges ahead in order to reach these goals.