Women’s Day

Equality between women and men and gender equality are at the very heart of our European values: the essence of who we are as Europeans.

We, as a continent and a Union, lead in the global quest for gender equality and advancing the role of women in society, but we are not there yet. Achieving a Europe that works for women is a commitment that we make not just today, as we mark International Women’s Day, but every day as we seek to better our European Union.

Across the world, we see women’s voices being silenced and drowned out as they are subjected to persecution and denied their basic rights. Women of Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, and Ukraine: we stand with you. Europe will never stop being a champion for your rights.

We, in the Group of the European People’s Party, today pledge to continue our work to achieve a Europe with equality of opportunity for every child, whether they are a boy or a girl, and wherever they are born in Europe. For the Europeans of tomorrow.

So that they can:

  • Live on the first continent to eradicate gender-based violence. Women should no longer live in fear of their safety or life just because they are a woman. Due to recent events, we call on all Member States to treat these crimes with the gravity they deserve. 
  • Work on a continent where equal work is recognised with equal pay. Closing the gender pay gap so that every woman can be paid what she is owed is essential.
  • Know that their talent will be recognised. So that every woman knows it’s possible to sit on the board of a company or be a politician.
  • Believe that their responsibilities as a carer can be shared. A woman should never be the default option for caring for children or relatives.
  • Create the Europe of tomorrow. Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and women entrepreneurs should be the norm, not the exception. 

The EPP Group today re-makes its pledge to keep these five goals at the heart of our EU decision-making. Together, we can build a Europe that truly empowers and celebrates women.


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